All you need to know before taking up fishing

As cool and interesting fishing may sound, it is only the regulars that are a part of this know the real stories behind. And as a first timer taking up this practice yourself, knowing the in and outs could help a lot in making sure you don’t mess things up or come back home with no fish at all! So here are some things you need to know before you go fishing in the creek.

Everything just stinks

Whether it is the fish that you caught, the live bait you might have or even the creek in itself, all could have the worst possible smell ever! The net you might use to fish could also end up smelling bad when it has been left to dry out in the sun. Even when you are soaking in the sun it is only natural that you’ll sweat and so you’ll end up stinking yourself too. So, do be prepared for it when you go barramundi fishing in darwin.

The best time is the dark time

While going fishing during the latter part of the day might be the most convenient time for you, it isn’t the time that the fish would be coming out. So most of the time you’ll end up falling asleep or burning in the sun with no fish coming at your bait at all. Fish are more active when the light outside isn’t too bright. And that is why going fishing during the early part of the day or latter part of the evening is recommended. This way chances are that you’ll at least catch something if not for a barramundi!

The perfect bait is a prawn

There are so many different things you could use as a bait to attract the fish. Most of the artificial ones with fancy designs generally have a low rate of actually catching something, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work at all. While worms are disgusting to handle and homemade treats are too much of a bother to make an effort, using prawns is the perfect bait to catch just about anything!

Fishing isn’t only about catching a fish

When you go to fish, don’t be disappointed if you don’t manage to catch anything. Instead if you were able to make use of that time to connect with nature, with yourself and even fellow mates that fished with you, then that is a perfect use of time. This is a hobby that many people take up simply to be able to find peace within themselves and connect with themselves and nature. So, do try finding such a purpose on your trip as well to make the most of it.

Work on developing a liking towards this hobby that many seem to enjoy and you’ll come to realize that it isn’t bad after all, no matter how much people would be stereotyping you!

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